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Uxbridge Fair

Uxbridge Fair screens

This project showcased our adaptability to evolving client needs and our commitment to delivering a product that meets and exceeds expectations. Our systematic approach to crafting a UI/UX design that is both timeless and easily updated signifies our dedication to creating lasting and impactful digital solutions.

Tricia McCallum

Tricia McCallum screens

This project highlighted the importance of a robust web page builder to deliver unique layouts, moving away from traditional blog styles. These insights have influenced our approach to future projects, emphasizing the need for evolving websites, thereby maximizing the client’s investment.


Tranco Production Machines screens

This project underscored the importance of technology adaptation and meticulous project documentation. These insights have shaped our approach to future projects, focusing on developing adaptable websites that continue to deliver value over time.

Todd Brothers Contracting

Todd Brothers Contracting screens

The successful execution of the Todd Brothers website demonstrates our agency’s ability to adapt to unique client needs and deliver tailor-made solutions. Integrating innovative features like the job application system highlights our commitment to creating functional, user-friendly, and dynamic websites.

Senior In-Home Care

Senior In-Home Care East Toronto

A key innovation in this project was integrating a recruitment function essential for the client’s operational needs. This feature reflects our commitment to providing tailored solutions that cater to each client’s specific needs.

Schomberg Fair

Schomberg Fair screens

Our design strategy focused on enhancing usability, emphasizing user focus, and simplifying content management. The website was built using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, supported by our comprehensive WordPress technology

Rotobale Compaction

Rotobale Compaction Solutions Inc. screens

A standout innovation in this project was incorporating product and process videos hosted via S3. This ensured fast download speeds without the distraction of advertising or competitive links post-video viewing, underscoring our commitment to enhancing user experience while maintaining focus on our client’s content.

LKM Parts

LKM Parts screens

The LKM team is dedicated to the tradition of dependable custom machining services under the direction of Manfred Kuhn. Manfred attributes the success of LKM Parts to quality assurance and customer service. Client relationships are the foundation of the business.

Lionel’s Farm

Lionels Farm screens

Lionel’s Farm began as a dream; a dream rooted in an unyielding love for farm animals. Over the years, this passion evolved into a sprawling farm, housing an array of animals from the playful to the serene. It’s more than just a farm; it’s a testament to Lionel’s dedication, a place where memories are made, […]

Junior Farmers

Junior Farmers Association of Ontario screens

JFAO provides opportunities for young people age 15-29 of all backgrounds, but especially those in rural Ontario, to take on the challenge of exploring their individual talents and potential to develop personally while being involved in bettering their communities, networking, and having fun. JFAO’s mission is “To Build Future Rural Leaders, Through Self-Help and Community […]