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Rotobale Compaction

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Rotobale Compaction Solutions Inc. – Engineering a Greener Future

Project Overview

We at WeGo we are thrilled to showcase our partnership with Rotobale Compaction Solutions Inc. (rotobalecompaction.ca) in their latest web development endeavour. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality waste compaction and recycling equipment, Rotobale Compaction sought to enhance its digital footprint with a website emphasizing brand awareness, lead generation, customer service, and efficient information dissemination.

Client Collaboration

Under the guidance of Steve Sequeira, General Manager, our team embarked on a project tailored to the manufacturing industry’s unique demands. Our goal was to craft a website that not only showcases Rotobale’s manufacturing capabilities, product catalogues, and industry certifications but also facilitates B2B interactions seamlessly.

Design and Development

The design strategy focused heavily on SEO and analytics to ensure maximum visibility alongside intuitive calls to action to effectively engage potential clients. Employing a robust stack of technologies, including PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, we fortified the site with our standard WordPress technology software stack, ensuring unparalleled security, performance, backup, and user management. The website’s design was aligned with Rotobale’s brand identity by matching the logo colours and integrating elements from existing printed marketing materials.

Challenges and Solutions

A primary challenge we faced was the meticulous gathering of project requirements. This was overcome by employing structured questionnaires and regular meetings, enabling us to document project requirements clearly and accurately. A standout feature of this project was the development of information-gathering forms tailored to capture input exclusively from Canadian users, dramatically reducing spam by 99% for this high-traffic website.

Results and Impact

Post-launch, the new website boosted Rotobale’s brand recognition. The increased contact through the website led to a surge in sales, solidifying Rotobale’s position as an industry leader in sustainable manufacturing solutions.

Learning and Growth

This project underscored the critical need for robust security measures to safeguard the website and user data. Such insights have enriched our understanding and approach to ensuring data protection and privacy in future projects.

Innovation Highlight

A standout innovation in this project was incorporating product and process videos hosted via S3. This ensured fast download speeds without the distraction of advertising or competitive links post-video viewing, underscoring our commitment to enhancing user experience while maintaining focus on our client’s content.

Reflecting Agency Excellence

Our work with Rotobale Compaction Solutions Inc. demonstrates our agency’s ability to adapt to client needs and deliver solutions that meet and exceed expectations. It showcases our strengths in understanding the unique aspects of the manufacturing industry and our dedication to providing innovative and secure web solutions.