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First, complete the request for an Estimate. (click here)

Ask any questions you may have about our service to make sure you understand our capabilities.
We’ll send you an Estimate via e-mail.  Print the PDF, sign it, and send it along with your deposit to the address on the Estimate.

Second, managing your Domain Name.

The next step is to either help you choose and register a domain name (address) for your website or, if you already have a domain registered, to prepare to transfer it over to WeGo. *Optional

Your Development Team

After the above formalities are dealt with, we will have a conversation with your project manager, about your needs and what materials you may already have, and who else on our team will be assigned to the project. If you are moving an existing website to our service, the process is usually faster since only the missing or out-dated content will need to be addressed.  Learn more about moving your domain to us.

The Design or Redesign

If you already have a brand identity, then your website should reflect this. We can use any materials you already have: brochure, ad, flyer, business card, logo, letterhead, photos, etc.
If you do not already have a brand identity, or would like a new one, then we can design a look for your website from scratch. One of the best ways to express your preferences for a new look is to send us the addresses of other websites you like and tell us what you like about them. Learn more about Web Design.

Adding the Content

We will look for you to provide descriptive materials for the content of your website. You can provide us with ready-to-go text, or just point form notes. Our writers, editors, and programmers will turn your instructions and notes into web-friendly, organized, and functional content.

Building the Site

During the construction process, we will send you a private link to your new website so that you can review it, and provide us with feedback. The general public does not see this private development site. If you have an existing website, it will not be affected so you will never have a website that is broken or “under construction”.

This is an iterative process that involves your input and feedback; you can be as involved as much, or as little, as you wish. Update handling fees apply when you ask for changes to be made to the content or instructions you have already provided to us. The more organized, detailed and complete the materials you provide to us the fewer update handling fees you are likely to incur, and the quicker the build will go.

If you are too busy or unable to provide complete and polished materials then we are happy to do the work for you.  Learn more about Updates

“Go Live”, any time you say go!

You do not need to get it all done at once! You can make changes or additions to your website at any time before or after launch. The cost will be the same regardless of launch date. We keep working until you are happy, there are no time limits but update fees may apply. The sooner your website is public the sooner you can benefit from our ongoing website management service! Learn more about Website Management

Fill out your request for an Estimate.  We look forward to hear from you.