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Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection Website Services

Protect Your Business and Customers with Clear Privacy and Cookie Policies

Staying on top of the latest legal requirements is a full time job. Here’s what you need to know about our Privacy Policy Protection Package.

Privacy Protection and Your Business Online

Privacy and online security are top concerns for consumers wary of scams, breaches, and misuse of their personal data.

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The Rising Importance of Data Privacy

In today’s digital age, privacy and online security are major concerns for consumers. With increasing rates of online scams, data breaches, and misuse of personal information, people are becoming more aware of their privacy rights under laws like the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). As a business owner with an online presence, having transparent and legally compliant privacy and cookie policies is crucial for protecting your customers and maintaining trust.

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Unavoidable Data Collection on Websites

Every website collects some level of personal information from its visitors, whether through online forms, analytics tracking, or cookie usage. It’s unavoidable for a modern business website to gather at least some user data. However, consumers have a right to know how their information will be collected, used, and safeguarded. Providing clear privacy and cookie notices demonstrates that you prioritize consumer protection and respect user privacy.

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Partnering with Legal Experts for Compliance

At our web development agency, we understand that navigating data privacy regulations can be complex, especially as laws evolve. That’s why we partner with legal experts like Termageddon to ensure our client’s websites have comprehensive, up-to-date policies. Attempting to draft policies based solely on online research can be risky – privacy laws involve many nuances best handled by professionals. Don’t leave your business vulnerable by making uninformed decisions.

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Data Privacy: A Matter of Trust and Credibility

Data privacy isn’t just a legal obligation; it’s also good business. Consumers are increasingly scrutinizing how companies handle their personal data. Being transparent about your data practices builds credibility and trust with your customers. A robust, accessible privacy policy signals that you are a credible, consumer-friendly business operating with integrity.

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Future-Proofing with the Consumer Privacy Protection Act

Canada has proposed the new Consumer Privacy Protection Act, which would give users more control over their data and allow them to sue businesses without proper privacy disclosures. Staying ahead of evolving regulations protects you from potential penalties down the road. Our Termageddon partnership will enable us to automatically update your policies as laws change, providing a cost-effective, comprehensive privacy strategy.

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Invest in Robust Online Privacy Practices

Don’t risk your customers’ trust or your business’s compliance—prioritize data privacy with clear, legally vetted website policies. Contact us today to discuss fortifying your online privacy practices. Investing in robust data protection isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s critical for thriving in today’s privacy-conscious digital landscape.

Next Steps

Does your website have a custom dynamic Privacy Policy?

Good job! You are on the right track. Your website privacy practices and policies are creating trust with your site visitors and keeping your online business legally compliant.

How It Works

By following these steps, you and WeGo will implement a comprehensive and up-to-date privacy policy on your website using Termageddon as the policy provider. The policy will help you comply with relevant laws and regulations while providing transparency to your website visitors.

  1. Purchase Termageddon License: Purchase a Termageddon license from WeGo for $140/year per website (this can be added to your invoice, click the button below to Order Privacy Protection). The license provides you with a set of auto-updating policies and a consent solution (if needed).
  2. Share Termageddon License: WeGo will share the Termageddon license with you (the client). To set up the account, you will need to answer some business questions provided by Termageddon (if you need help, we can answer these questions together or on your behalf).
  3. Pay Implementation Fee: Pay WeGo the implementation fee of $100. This fee covers the creation of policy pages, hyperlinking them to the website’s footer, embedding the necessary codes, and testing.
  4. Create Policy Pages: WeGo will create the policy pages based on the information you provide to Termageddon.
  5. Add to Website Footer: WeGo will hyperlink the policy pages to the footer of your website, ensuring that visitors can easily access the privacy policy and other relevant policies.
  6. Embed Codes: WeGo will embed the necessary codes provided by Termageddon on your website. These codes will ensure that the policies are appropriately integrated and displayed.
  7. Testing: WeGo will thoroughly test the implementation to ensure the policies work correctly and are visible to website visitors as intended.
  8. Ongoing Updates: Termageddon will monitor legal changes and update the policies automatically when new laws pass, or new questions need answers. Termageddon will push these updates to your website without any further action required from you or WeGo.
  9. Alerts and Notifications: Termageddon will alert you and WeGo when new laws pass, when new questions need to be answered (if applicable), and when they automatically push the latest updates to your policies.

Privacy Protection Package

Meet Termageddon

Termageddon is a website policy solution that pushes updates to your policy pages automatically when new disclosures become required. It’s an excellent tool for getting proper website policies and updating them over time. Our agency trusts Termageddon because they:

  • Are founded by a privacy attorney
  • Provide all the policies your website needs in one place
  • Are affordable ($16/month or $140/year)
  • Automatically updates your website’s policies whenever the laws change


Privacy laws (and the fines that go with them) are here to stay. Outside of paying for a privacy attorney, Termageddon is the best way we’ve found to keep our clients in the clear.

Privacy Protection
Starting at $140 /year
Plus $100 installation fee
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