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Tricia McCallum

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Tricia McCallum – A Writer’s Digital Realm

Project Overview

Our journey with Tricia McCallum, a poet and writer, led to the creation of triciamccallum.com, a website dedicated to her literary works. Our goal was to enhance user experience, improve navigation, and ensure the website stood out in search engine results, all while encouraging the contribution of fresh, engaging content.

Client Collaboration

Tricia McCallum, the heart and soul behind this project, entrusted us with her vision. Her unique position in the literary world, not tied to a specific industry but to the art of words, guided our approach to the website’s design and functionality.

Design and Development 

We focused on crafting a website with straightforward navigation and well-organized content, particularly for post archives. The core technologies used were PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, alongside our standard WordPress technology stack, ensuring security, performance, and robust user management. Tricia’s Scottish roots and her desire to have her writing and personal journey shine through were key in aligning the website’s design with her brand identity.

Challenges and Solutions

A significant challenge was managing many of Tricia’s previously published works and enabling comment sections without attracting spam. We addressed this by integrating top-tier anti-spam software into our tech stack. Additionally, we incorporated a Mailchimp mailing list, facilitating direct communication between Tricia and her readers.

Impact and Feedback

The launch of triciamccallum.com marked a significant step in establishing her online presence, with Google effectively showcasing her recent works and archives. Tricia’s testimonial speaks volumes of our approach: “The creative design, font styles, and graphics continue to receive rave reviews. I will recommend your services when quality and customer service are paramount.”

Innovative Features

The website features an integrated bulk mail delivery system, allowing Tricia to frequently update her writings and photos, moderate comments, and send creatively designed HTML emails to her followers, all directly from the website. This level of autonomy and functionality was pivotal in meeting her needs.

Learning and Improvement

This project highlighted the importance of a robust web page builder to deliver unique layouts, moving away from traditional blog styles. These insights have influenced our approach to future projects, emphasizing the need for evolving websites, thereby maximizing the client’s investment.

Agency Strengths

Our ability to adapt to the client’s changing requirements and deliver a solution that matched and exceeded Tricia’s expectations showcases our agency’s flexibility and commitment to quality. This project reflects our unique capabilities in creating personalized, dynamic websites tailored to individual client needs.