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Uxbridge Fair

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Uxbridge Scott Agricultural Society – A Digital Revamp of the Fair Website

Project Overview

In our latest venture, we had the privilege of redesigning the website for the Uxbridge Scott Agricultural Society (uxbridgefair.ca). Our mission was to transform their online space, focusing on improved navigation and user experience and fostering the contribution of fresh content while also enhancing SEO and ensuring the website remained current and engaging.

Client Collaboration

This project was a collaborative effort with the President and Board of Directors of the Agricultural Society. We were tasked with understanding and incorporating the needs and visions of a board that represents a broad spectrum of the agriculture industry.

Design and Development Philosophy

Our design ethos for this project centred on clarity and ease of navigation, with a structured layout for key sections like Attractions, Competitions, and News. The design was infused with earth tones and accents of green and yellow, drawing inspiration from their iconic tractor logo to connect with the agricultural roots of the society. The technology stack included PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, complementing our standard WordPress toolkit for security and performance. We also integrated a third-party platform for the nuanced task of managing exhibitor entries, showcasing our ability to blend external solutions seamlessly into our designs.

Overcoming Challenges

A pivotal challenge was salvaging usable data from the old host’s server, contaminated with viruses. We meticulously selected valuable content and rigorously scrubbed the code, employing all available virus removal tools to ensure a clean, secure transfer.

Impactful Results

The website’s launch marked a significant leap in digital presence, evidenced by enriched visibility on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages. The statistical comparison between 2019 and 2022-2023 revealed a staggering 51% increase in overall website visitors and a 500% boost in September traffic, directly correlating with increased attendance at their annual fall fair event. These numbers testify to the website’s success in engaging the community and drawing in a larger audience.

Client Appreciation and Community Feedback

The client expressed profound appreciation for our meticulous attention to detail and ability to communicate complex technical concepts understandably. The updated website was received with enthusiasm, credited for its usability and timely content, resonating well with the community.

Innovative Features

A standout innovation of this project was creating a custom post type for ‘Scholarships’ to promote youth engagement in agriculture. This feature serves as a functional element and a historical record, inspiring new participants by showcasing past recipients.

Reflecting Agency Strengths

This project showcased our adaptability to evolving client needs and our commitment to delivering a product that meets and exceeds expectations. Our systematic approach to crafting a UI/UX design that is both timeless and easily updated signifies our dedication to creating lasting and impactful digital solutions.