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Schomberg Fair

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The Schomberg Agricultural Society – A Digital Gateway to Tradition

Project Overview

At WeGo, we had the privilege to collaborate with Cathy Pezzo and the Board of Directors on creating a dynamic online presence for the Schomberg Fair (schombergfair.com). We aimed to design and develop a website as a central hub for event promotion, education, customer service, and information dissemination for one of the most anticipated events in the Fairs and Festivals Industry. Schomberg Fair is the first fair of the season.

Client Collaboration

In close partnership with the Schomberg Agricultural Society, our shared mission was to create a website that catered to the diverse needs of event attendees, participants, and vendors. This required a versatile and user-centric design that reflected the fair’s community spirit and longstanding traditions.

Design and Development

Our design strategy focused on enhancing usability, emphasizing user focus, and simplifying content management. The website was built using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, supported by our comprehensive WordPress technology stack for security, performance, backup, and user management. We ensured the website’s aesthetic was in harmony with the fair’s brand identity by incorporating the logo colours prominently throughout the design.

Unique Features and Impact

The Schomberg Fair website stands out with its search engine optimization, leading to improved rankings post-launch. Integrating photo galleries, a visitor favourite, captures the fair’s vibrant history and community engagement, adding a unique touch to the website.

Learning and Growth

This project highlighted the critical role of client communication in successfully delivering a project. Our team gained valuable insights into enhancing team collaboration and coordination, which have since been applied to streamline project execution in subsequent endeavours.

Reflecting Agency Excellence

Our work with The Schomberg Agricultural Society underscores our deep understanding of the Agricultural Industry and our ability to connect our clients with their target audience effectively. This project showcases our technical expertise and our commitment to understanding the unique needs and challenges of the sectors we serve.