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scam alert

Offending SPAM message

Look at this clever little monkey filling out every contact form on the Internet.  I’m quite offended now, more because I thought it was a personally completed form.  Someone has written a script to  complete the contact form and fill in the facebook account information to make the message appear legitimate. Of course, it is [...]

Solicitations Galore

It’s a new year and the aggressive solicitations are coming in full strength.  You’ll probably notice an increased number of special offers from “people” who want to redo your website, offer you a loan, sell you insurance, provide photo editing services, etc. The senders of these messages are not really “people” but SPAMMERS. These messages [...]

DS 3501 – Spam Phishing Search Engine Registration Scam

Beware this email that attempts to trick you into paying another company for your domain renewal or Search Engine Marketing.  Here is an example of what the email looks like: (I have replaced your actual domain with YOURDOMAIN.COM and personal name with MR JOHN SMITH) Subject:  Domain Notification: MR JOHN SMITH This is your Final [...]

Canada Post Tracking Scam

New emails using Canada Post’s name or brand are circulating, inviting customers to either click a link or open a document to obtain their tracking information. We wish to remind customers to not click on any links or open documents. These fraudulent messages are known as “phishing” and may contain viruses. If you are not [...]

Cold-Calling Scam

In a report from Symantec in October 2012.  Finally, some good new broke this month as authorities in Australia, Canada, and the US joined forces to shut down global tech support scams responsible for cold-calling users and erroneously telling them their computers are infected with viruses.that they had shut down two companiesfroze the assets of [...]

Phone Scammers target PC users with phony virus reports

They are calling Canadians.  I’ve experienced these calls twice in the last year.  They know my name.  Clearly they are calling from the Canada411 directory. Remember: Nobody is going to know your computer has a virus.  You most certainly will not receive a phone call from a computer technicial “out of the blue”. Here’s some good [...]