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Advertising component of marketing plan

Here’s a great example of a marketing mix whereby components  of research, planning, public relations, pricing, customer support, sales strategy and community involvement form a cohesive plan.  The mix percentage will be different for each business, but be sure to include all the components. Thanks to Tish Pierce, Pierce Creative Marketing Service. Archeologists have found [...]

Create Pages That Engage Visitors Quickly

Average first-time visitors make decisions about a website after only two-tenths of a second, according to Entrepreneur.com. After another 2.6 seconds, they will concentrate enough to reinforce that initial judgment. If a website doesn’t impress readers immediately, it can lose them in the blink of an eye. Use these strategies to attract and retain readers: [...]

Thinking About Content

As we start 2014, here are some valuable tips and links to get you thinking about managing and improving your content. Corporate blogging and blog marketing guide Blogs, short for web logs, are online platforms to create specific types of content, share them and interact with others around those content objects, known as blog posts. [...]

Your Social Media Brand Personality

You or your company already has a brand, so it’s important to build a “social media voice” that matches your brand’s personality. Recommendations Tell a story.  People will invest in your social media channel if you tell them an interesting story.  What’s important to you? State your values or mission.  What is the focus of [...]

‘Do It Yourself’ part of your website

I presented a seminar topic on web content to delegates of the annual OAAS convention last Friday. Posted here is a copy of the PowerPoint. (which I will apologize for as it is a little dry). Content can be the ‘Do It Yourself’ part of your website. Unlike the other aspects where hiring a professional [...]

Blogs Explained – Again

It’s February 25, 2008, some might think it’s too late or redundant to explain what a blog is. The timing couldn’t be better to talk about blogs now. Blogs used to be strictly personal thoughts shared among the web savvy. Today, blogs continue to provide a freedom of expression while at the same time offering [...]