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How to improve mail deliverability by avoiding role-based email addresses

How to improve mail deliverability by avoiding role-based email addresses

What are role based email addresses and how does the system handle them? Role-based email addresses (like admin@, help@, sales@, leads@) are email addresses that are not associated with a particular person, but rather with a company, department, position or group of recipients. They are not generally intended for personal use, as they typically include [...]

Solicitations Galore

It’s a new year and the aggressive solicitations are coming in full strength.  You’ll probably notice an increased number of special offers from “people” who want to redo your website, offer you a loan, sell you insurance, provide photo editing services, etc. The senders of these messages are not really “people” but SPAMMERS. These messages [...]

Sending e-mail to many recipients (mass e-mail)

Are you having trouble sending mass e-mail to your membership or distribution list? Not all outgoing SMTP mail servers were created equal, and how much e-mail you can send each hour or each day will be determined by the particular outgoing SMTP mail server that you use to relay your messages. What is my outgoing [...]

Anyone not Bloggin?

Here are some common reasons you or the small business you work for might be dragging your heels. No time for Blogging Don’t have any content (nothing to say) No writers on our team https://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2017/32837/how-a-blog-can-help-you-build-a-personal-brand-online Doug outlines some excellent points in this day and age you simply can’t afford to miss.