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World Password Day

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Intel created World Password Day, the first Thursday of May to address the critical need for solid passwords.

Strong and secure passwords are crucial, especially now that most of our work is done online. It is better to have complex and unique passwords, which are not easy to guess. World Password Day creates awareness about the importance of strong passwords.

Despite knowing the risks, not many people are in the habit of keeping their passwords strong. Take World Password Day as your cue to immediately change the weak passwords of your emails, social media accounts, and most importantly, accounts storing your personal information.

According to National Today:

99.9% – the percentage of threats to passwords that can be stopped using multi-factor authentication, according to Microsoft.

2020 – the year when the top type of information stolen around the world was credentials.

60% – the percentage of data breaches that involve credentials.

40% – the percentage of people in a 2020 study who said that their company data was compromised because of a weak or cracked password.

20 – the number of common categories into which the majority of passwords fit into.

40% – the percentage of organizations that rely on sticky notes for remembering passwords.

82% – the percentage of workers who admitted recycling the same passwords.

60% – the percentage of recycled passwords that appeared in multiple data leaks in 2020

25% – the percentage of data breaches, which were as a result of credential stuffing in 2020.

¾ – the number of employees who use the same passwords for their work accounts as they do for their personal accounts.


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