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Website Accessibility and AI for Fair Operations

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OAAS Seminars 2024

The following information was presented at the Ontario Association for Agricultural Societies of Ontario (OAAAS) Convention on February 24, 2024.

Attendees can download the seminar handouts as presented by Doug van Wolde.

Thank you for joining my talks at the OAAS Convention on February 24, 2024. Each session was full of details. The AI presentation had a lot of words but was also filled with crucial information. If you were new to ChatGPT, I hope you now understand the basics of creating an AI prompt. And if you were already familiar with ChatGPT, I wish you had discovered something new. If you have any questions or want to discuss improving your fair operations or anything related to AI or building websites, please email me.

For those who were at the session about Making Fair Websites Accessible, I’m sorry for the misspelling in the session title and for being unclear about what we discussed: making websites accessible for everyone, regardless of their abilities. I believe strongly that everyone should be able to access website content easily. Even if no law requires it, making your website accessible is the right thing to do. It shows kindness and support for everyone in the community.

OAAS session about AI

Leveraging AI for Enhancing Operations at Fairs

Unlocking the Potential of AI in the World of Fairs: A Guide for Volunteers, Board Members, and Staff

Objective: To explore the potential of generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, to transform various aspects of fair operations. Possible solutions include writing grant proposals, developing policies, planning events, and providing excellent customer service.

Note: Throughout the seminar, the emphasis will be on practical, real-world applications of ChatGPT, ensuring that the content is directly relevant and immediately applicable to the participants’ roles in organizing and managing fairs.

Additional Notes about AI and plagiarism:

Just like MC Hammer got in trouble for using the beat from Rick James’ song in “Can’t Touch This,” AI can cross lines when creating content that’s too similar to others’ work. Yet, like Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” which wasn’t a rip-off of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” sometimes tunes can sound alike by chance because there are only so many ways to combine notes. It’s cool to be inspired, as long as you’re not just copying someone else’s hit.

In the same way, when AI writes content, it can echo existing material because there’s a limit to how many ways you can say something. The trick is to use inspiration without stealing, ensuring the AI’s work is fresh and not just a repeat of someone else’s words.

AI for Fair Operations Presentation

Download the PDF for the entire slide deck including links to external resources.

Accessibility: Ensuring Everyone Can Experience Your Fair

The seminar’s design aims to provide comprehensive insights into website accessibility, tailored to the specific needs and interests of the Fair Volunteers, Board Members and Staff. What tools can be used to check for accessibility? What devices are assisted with technology? It includes theoretical understanding and practical application to ensure the Fair is equipped to make its content accessible to everyone.

Website Accessibility Presentation

Download the PDF for the entire slide deck including links to external resources.

Why accessibility is important in times of AI

AI has its advantages. Time is money, and by using generative tools, you’re saving both. But AI generated content isn’t as original as something you’ve written yourself. And there’s another thing AI doesn’t take into account: accessibility. Over 1 billion people have disabilities. By making your site accessible, you’re not just being inclusive; you’re expanding your reach to a wider audience. That’s a strategic advantage! Here are a couple of tips to make your site more accessible.