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How many small businesses use e-business?

As defined by Industry Canada’s 2006 report – Key Small Business Statistics.

Engaging in electronic business (e-business) is defined as leveraging “the Internet for providing or sharing information, or for delivering services, and/or realizing some or all of its revenues from Internet based transactions and/or the manufacture and sale of Internet-related products or services.” In addition to online purchases and transactions (referred to as e-commerce), e-business includes portfolio management, business planning, and Internet or intranet-based communication between a business and its clients, suppliers and other partners.

Embracing e-business can offer many benefits to a firm, regardless of its size. Using the Internet as a business tool can improve coordination within the production process, improve communication with suppliers and customers, optimize supply sources and increase a firm’s presence in the marketplace.

However, the extent to which firms use e-business, and for what purposes, varies considerably depending on a firm’s size.

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Link to Report History http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/061.nsf/eng/h_rd01252.html