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Website Management

WeGo can deliver continuous, ongoing, long–term website service. We continually monitor your site, check your links, compile statistics reports, manage backup and restore, administer your e-mail, check for browser compatibility, offer technical support, provide consulting, send you educational newsletters, complete your updates, renew your domains, liaise with third party providers and manage all connections which make your website work.

It means we take care of everything for you. You don’t need technical expertise, and you won’t need any training (unless you want it). Our professional team of web designers, programmers, writers, content editors, and marketing specialists are highly trained and dedicated exclusively to website services. Your website will be managed by experts.

WeGo provides an ongoing Website Management Service. What does this mean to you? It gets you the best performance for your website while saving you time and money.

What is the advantage of having a single company manage your entire website service?
Most web design companies follow the design-host model. That is, one company designs the website and another company provides the web-hosting service. Often, additional companies are required to provide services such as search engine optimization, programming, e-mail administration, and site updating. At WeGo, we provide all these services and much more. We feel so strongly about the drawbacks of the design-host model that we do not offer any of our services separately. Instead we offer a complete ongoing website management service.

Full Service Results

Many of the services listed above are dependent on each other to get the best results. A good example is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Several aspects of a website such as the design, the code, the writing, the updating, and the hosting service (for the server logs) are all involved in optimizing your site. If the same company handles all of these services, each aspect of SEO can be done correctly—all working together to get you the best possible results. The same results cannot be achieved within the typical design-host model where some aspects of the service are not accessible to the SEO technician.

One Stop Shop

If your (non-WeGo) website failed tomorrow, would you know who to call? The designer? The hosting company? The programmer who worked on it last? What if you call the hosting company and they blame the programmer—but the programmer blames the hosting company? Sadly, this is quite common. But at WeGo, we are responsible for the entire website service; we can’t pass the buck if there are issues—we just take care of them.

WeGo is a full service provider of online solutions. We can develop your site to specifications, supply web hosting with a reliable plan and market your site where it needs to be.