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Net Users and E-Mail Marketing in Canada

A 2002 study from Ipsos-Reid finds that 79%of internet users in Canada have opted-in to certain websites to receivee-mail campaigns. The study also determined that overall, 92% of internetusers in Canada use e-mail on a regular basis and 88% use it on a weeklybasis. Ipsos-Reid surveyed 1,000 Canadian internet users online and conducted1,000 telephone interviews […]

Kids Say the Net is the Darndest Thing

According to a study from Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research (KN/SRI), one-third of children ages 8 to 17 say the internet is the medium they would choose if they could only have one, topping television, telephone and radio. For boys, television was a strong second choice, though girls ranked TV third behind the net and telephone. Browsing […]

The Internet is Shaping the Way in Which Canadian Families Live and Work Together

RBC Study Examines the Internet’s Impact on Canadian Families and Small Business Owners An RBC Financial Group/Ipsos Reid study released today suggests that Canadian familiesare making major lifestyle changes in response to the wave of new communicationstechnologies entering their homes. The survey, conducted by Ipsos-Reid for RBC, was designedto achieve an understanding of how families […]

According to an October 2001 Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)report, conducted by IBM Canada, 86% of large companies in Canada have expanded their presence online in the past year. The CMA also found that 80% of medium-sized companieshave expanded online and 65% of small companies have done the same. Whatkind of online marketing initiatives have companies […]