Net Users and E-Mail Marketing in Canada

A 2002 study from Ipsos-Reid finds that 79%
of internet users in Canada have opted-in to certain websites to receive
e-mail campaigns. The study also determined that overall, 92% of internet
users in Canada use e-mail on a regular basis and 88% use it on a weekly

Ipsos-Reid surveyed 1,000 Canadian internet users online and conducted
1,000 telephone interviews for the “Email Marketing: What the Future Holds”
report. The online surveys were conducted between 28 December 2001 and
January 2002 and the telephone surveys were conducted between 10 and 23
December 2001. The report notes that, in particular, 54% of internet users
who have opted into e-mail campaigns turn to news and information websites
and 38% opt-in to entertainment sites.

To put the Ipsos numbers into greater perspective, eMarketer’s latest
North America Online Report presents estimates from different firms
regarding internet users in Canada. Though Telecordia Technologies believes
there were 24.5 million users in 2001, eMarketer believes there will be
16 million internet users in Canada in 2002.

Kids Say the Net is the Darndest Thing

According to a study from Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research (KN/SRI),
one-third of children ages 8 to 17 say the internet is the medium they
would choose if they could only have one, topping television, telephone
and radio. For boys, television was a strong second choice, though girls
ranked TV third behind the net and telephone.

Browsing the eMarketer eStat Database‘s Demographics section turns
up hundreds of records on children and teenagers, including a December
2001 study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser found that while
the overwhelming majority of the 15 to 24 age bracket has gone online
and has home internet access, this was especially pronounced for respondents
under age 17.