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Spam Report

In the last few months of 2007, spam has become more inventive. In 2007 spammers waged stock pump-and-dump campaigns on the public using Adobe Acrobat PDF format files in order to evade traditional defenses. Later in the year this moved-up a gear by using other file attachment formats, including Microsoft Excel, Word, ZIP and more [...]

Legion of Influencers Use E-Mail

Is the current definition of “influencer” too narrow?Everyone has some influence, but people with larger networks use more technology to spread theirs, according to “Understanding Influence, and Making It Work For You: A CNet Networks Study.”Highly connected people use e-mail to keep up with their dozens of contacts. In fact, they use e-mail far more [...]

Outsourcing Web Needs and Any Other Business Specialties

A business teacher of mine told me about a problem his former student was having. The student had recently started a business. The business teacher went for a visit and found the new-business owner struggling in front of his computer with a stack of receipts and bills. The business owner explained that he had some [...]

How many small businesses use e-business?

As defined by Industry Canada’s 2006 report – Key Small Busniess Statistics. Engaging in electronic business (e-business) is defined as leveraging “the Internet for providing or sharing information, or for delivering services, and/or realizing some or all of its revenues from Internet based transactions and/or the manufacture and sale of Internet-related products or services.” In [...]

Search, Search, Search…

Yeah, I’ve been searchin’ A-a searchin’ Oh, yeah, searchin’ every which a-way Most of today’s online users probably aren’t familiar with the Coaster’s hit of the 60′s, but they know the feeling. According to a new study just released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, “Search engines have become an increasingly important part [...]

Level of Search Engine Optimization Not Optimal

Less than 10% of the Fortune 100 is effectively using search engine optimization for their Web sites, according to a new study by Oneupweb. Integrated search engine marketing firm Oneupweb analyzed the main corporate sites of Fortune magazine’s top 100 companies to determine the level of effectiveness with whicheach company has used search engine optimization [...]

TV, Radio Losing Teens to Net?

According to a recent report from Yahoo! and Carat North America, teenagersand young people in the US spend the greatest amount of time, on average,each week with the Internet (16.7 hours) compared to other forms of media. Harris Interactive and Teenage Research Unlimited surveyed 2,618 peoplebetween the ages of 13 and 24 in June for [...]

What’s a Website Made of?

If you grew up before the computer age than no doubt like me you resistedthe PC for a while. I was forced to learn the PC on the job as some ofour paper-based processes became electronic. It was required so thereforeI learned. I started with programs like Ventura publishing and Lotus123. In time, I became [...]

Net Users and E-Mail Marketing in Canada

A 2002 study from Ipsos-Reid finds that 79%of internet users in Canada have opted-in to certain websites to receivee-mail campaigns. The study also determined that overall, 92% of internetusers in Canada use e-mail on a regular basis and 88% use it on a weeklybasis. Ipsos-Reid surveyed 1,000 Canadian internet users online and conducted1,000 telephone interviews [...]

Kids Say the Net is the Darndest Thing

According to a study from Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research (KN/SRI), one-third of children ages 8 to 17 say the internet is the medium they would choose if they could only have one, topping television, telephone and radio. For boys, television was a strong second choice, though girls ranked TV third behind the net and telephone. Browsing [...]